Most popular

At Tasmanian Energy Company we install only the very best products and purchase from the best suppliers. Our two most popular options is either the Trina Panels / Goodwe 10yr Inverter Package or the QCell 25/25yr Panels / Fronius Inverter package.

Trina 370w Honey Solar Panel

• High performance black Mono-PERC panel.
• Split-Cell for higher power production.
• Highly recommended by Choice Magazine and Solar Quotes.
• High module efficiency (20.07%). Resistant to salt, acid and ammonia.
• Better anti-shading performance and lower operating temperature.
• Manufacturer’s Product Warranty of 15 years.
• Manufacturer’s Performance Warranty of 25 years.

Goodwe Inverter

• Single and three-phase options available.
• Two or Three String MPPT Single Phase available.
• Modern, stylish and streamlined, now 30% lighter – only 14kg.
• Huge manufacturer’s product / performance warranty of 10 years.
• Quiet operation, lowest start-up voltage @120v.
• Smart built-in Anti Reverse Function – reduce or increase power output as needed.
• Full Tasmanian service and backup warranty.

Q.Peak DUO-G6+ 350w

• Quantum Technology – higher yield per surface area 20.4% efficiency
• Excellent low light high yield performance
• Extreme weather rating, high-tech aluminium alloy frame
• Certified for 4000Pa wind loads
• Engineered in Germany, produced in South Korea
• Enduring, high performance, long term yield security
• Reliable investment 25 year product and performance warranty

Fronius Inverter

• Austrian company 75years of history, 3 decades of experience for solar inverters
• Fronius inverters have an active cooling system using fan-forced air increasing performance and reliability • Single and three phase options available
• 2 MPPT 2 String system
• Full replacement warranty 5 years + 5 years parts and labour
• Full WLAN energy management
• Fronius App to allow full power production monitoring