1st Energy vs Aurora

"Should I Change To The New Energy Retailer in Tasmania?"

It's taken time but Tasmanian's finally have the chance to choose between energy providers. So, who does it best? Aurora or new kid on the block 1st Energy?

At first glance it's hard to see a difference as 1st Energy's tariff prices are almost identical to Aurora's. The greatest difference is for those households who own a solar system.

1st Solar Bonus Plan

1st Energy offers an extra 5 cents/kW on the solar feed-in tariff on top of what you currently get with Aurora and this is guaranteed for the first 12 months. Happy days for our customers who live on King Island and continue to receive a 26 cent rebate. You do have to commit to a 12 month contract with 1st Energy.

In terms of what you will get for solar feed in tariff - if you're with Aurora you get .0847 c/kWh and receive an additional 3.499 c/kWh solar feed-in benefit c/kWh with 1st Energy for the first year.


Both companies cop a lot of stick from internet reviews. Let's face it, few people love the cost of power or the companies that deliver that power to our doorstep. Time will tell if 1st Energy has something more to offer than Aurora that causes people to move. Based on online reviews Aurora scores a miserable 1.4 star average whilst 1st Energy comes in last on a 1 star average.


First off read the fine print and make up your own mind (my lawyer says I have to say this) however we think if you have solar panels you would probably be better off with the 1st Solar Bonus plan. The exception to this, (because there is always an exception), is if you have a small solar panel system and high consumption / high power bills then stick with Aurora, otherwise consider changing to 1st Energy. If you want to talk to either company directly here are their contact details.

1st Energy 1300 426 594

Aurora Energy 1300 13 2003

Final Thought. It is nice to say we finally have energy competition in the state! May the odds be ever in your favor.